Experience That Counts
Over twenty-five years of software engineering experience.
That’s a lot of code.  And a lot of technologies.
Big projects don’t scare me.  In fact, I relish the next big challenge.
Quality Matters
An unrelenting drive to get the job done right. The first time. I pride myself not just on meeting deadlines, but being able to hand off code that meets the targeted requirements with a minimum of bugs.  The feedback I’ve cherished the most was from project managers who stated “When Warren does something, it just works.”
Versatility Creates Value
During my career, I’ve done everything from writing network-level protocol code to building E-Commerce platforms to managing project teams.  Don’t spend your time hunting for experts in “one thing”.  Hire someone who is very good at many things and can adapt as needed.  My learning curves are typically measured in hours, not weeks.
Software Architecture
For nearly a decade as a contractor to Estee Lauder Companies Online, I was a Lead Engineer and Senior Architect on the team that built ELC’s backend infrastructure for an E-Commerce platform that now generates over $750 million annually.
As a Senior Architect, I routinely performed code reviews and training to ensure all software adheres to OWASP security principles and meets PCI compliance requirements.
Core Values
Listening.  People often overlook the value of a good listener.  When I am discussing topics with a client or colleague, I seek to understand their perspective and address their true needs.

Creativity.  I’ll sidestep the “out of the box” cliche, but I do try to look at things from a fresh point of view. I am not afraid to break from convention and try different approaches.

Simplicity.  The best solutions are the simplest solutions.  Regarding software, fewer lines of code nearly always results in fewer bugs. Always simplify.